Hermiston Nazarene Church

Christmas 2021: getting back to what matters

A Christmas Reset.

Christmas Water Project

Rather than giving presents to 1 Adopted Family,
we are impacting the world with
God's presence by adopting Asia this Christmas season.

Each well is only $1,400

HermNazzers set the goal to raise funds for 10 wells.

But here's the miracle of God:

HermNaz Church raised funds to provide

116 wells in asia

Each well provides clean water to a village (approx. 300-500 people) for 20 years.

How does it work?

When you donate, 100% of the funds go to our partnership with Gospel for Asia-- a nonprofit equipping local villages with the love of Jesus--and the ability to build or maintain a clean-water well.

Each GFA well
enables locals to drill it,
and then equips them for its maintenance.

Each well has a Pastor serving the area, who is able to share about Jesus to the community.

How do I give?

*giving now closed*

Pray. Listen. Act.
Whether you choose to not purchase any gifts for others this Christmas,
or if you choose to donate the amount you would normally spend on our annual Adopted Family,
or if you match what you spend on gifts by donating to the Well,
your funds will build & maintain a well in Asia.

"I gave in your honor" cards

If you choose to donate in someone's honor, let them know!

Click to download.
It will open in a new browser window where you can download it.
Print at home or send it as an e-card--the choice is yours.

*There is a version where you can write your personalized amount, and a version where it leaves the amount portion off.
*Paper postcards are already printed and ready for you to pick up in the entryway at church!

Advent Reading List

Click the document below to download our daily reading list for the month.
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