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J.O.Y. Group

Seniors Adults

A group of "Just Older Youth" seeking Jesus, Sharing Life, and Serving People.
We invite you to join us!


We meet for lunch at the church on the third Tuesday of every month at noon.

Plan to join us for food, fellowship, and fun!

Lunch and fun provided.
Wheelchair accessible.

Getting to Know Dementia

Practical dementia care education simplified,
so you can focus on what matters most.

A 6-week workshop that is open to the public, free, and begins in April.

Meeting times will be Fridays from 10:30am-noon,
beginning April 14, 2023, and ending May 19th.
Held at Hermiston Nazarene Church, 1520 W Orchard Ave.

About the Workshops

This six-part workshop is designed to help participants:
1.       Discover an appreciation for what happens when a brain is changing due to some form of dementia rather than normal aging or high stress lifestyles. By understanding what happens to the brain in development and in dementia, we can begin to understand not only what is lost, but what is retained, to provide that ‘just right’ support
2.      Be introduced to the GEMS® State model of the progression of dementia, and how we can adapt our approach to create positive relationships
3.      Practice focusing on the adaptation of identifying and offering visual, verbal, and touch cues to approach and connect with a person living in any state of dementia through the Positive Physical Approach®
4.      Learn how we as care partners can become advocates for people as relationships and tasks of daily living are impacted

Included Objectives:
·         Part 1: What is Dementia, Really?
·         Part 2: What Brain Changes and Shifts in Ability are Noticed When Dementia Happens?
·         Part 3: Looking at Progression and Seeing More than Loss: The GEMS® State Model
·         Part 4: The GEMS® State Model: In the Right Setting with the Right Care, all GEMS Can Shine
·         Part 5: New Skills for Helping and Supporting
·         Part 6: Being an Advocate and Building a Support Team

About the Presenter

Caring at the End of the Journey
Rod Harwood, MDiv, MA, QMHP-C
Rod Harwood is an Older Adult Behavioral Health Coordinator with GOBHI serving Eastern Oregon.
He is one of 24 specialist who are supporting a statewide initiative providing behavioral health for older adults and people with disabilities in local and regional community mental health programs around the state. He has 35 years of healthcare experience providing clinical support as a chaplian in hospital, mental health, and hospice settings.
In his present role he promotes enhanced collaboration and coordination among the agencies serving older adults, providing complex case consultation and ensuring that the people who care for elders are well trained. He is a trained Positive Approach to Care (Dementia Care) Enhanced Trainer & Advanced Consultant.
In addition, he has certifications as a trainer for WISE, QPR and Living Well with Chronic Conditions. He also provides training on a host of topics relating to older adult issues such as Advance Directives, Grief Support and CIT (First Responder).

Workshop Meeting Times

Beginning April 14, 2023
through May 19th.

Fridays from 10:30am - noon

Hermiston Church of the Nazarene
1520 W Orchard Ave

Tuesday, May 16
We will have fun with a game with marshmallows and s'mores for dessert!

Tuesday, June 20
In June, there is no lunch, we are meeting for coffee and visiting!

Upcoming Events

Our Mission

We will follow the Lord's direction in meeting the needs of our church community...

by sharing...

our talents and abilities with one another

by functioning as a family unit...

by reaching out to the lonely

by providing fellowship...

opportunities together in a safe place where we share life, chase Jesus, and provide a place to bring people that need to meet Jesus