Hermiston Nazarene Church


Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19-20

Because we love Jesus,

we love to serve others.
Whether it's local or around the world, we believe we have power to be like Jesus and impact peoples' lives.

Needs & Helps

Fill out the form below to indicate a need you may have, or ways you are willing to assist others.


JULY 11 - 20, 2024

Honduras 2022


Rocky Heights Elementary

Adopted School

Some ways you can be involved...

Coffee Deliveries

A way to help the office staff.

Gift for All Staff

Help coordinate Staff Gift Boxes

Meal Help

Inservices are great days to provide some food.


Want to help at the school?

Diaper Dash 2022

Mission to Others
Recap 2021

Assembly Backpacks, sorting shoes, and serving food.
Read the recap by clicking above.

Care Packs & Backpacks of Love

Take some to give away.

Included: toiletry items, soaps, razors & shaving cream, hand warmers, socks, hand sanitizer, feminine products.

Take some to give away to those you see on city streets or keep for yourself if you need it to get by.
If they aren't set out on a Sunday morning, call the office and request some!

Adopted Families or Organizations

Blessing locals each Christmas.

Alabaster Offering

Loose change for missions around the world
- builds churches, hospitals, pastors' homes, schools
- collected every year at HermNaz
- coins can be collected over the year in a little box or plastic bag

Christmas Water Project 2021

We adopted Asia for Christmas 2021!

HermNaz raised funds for 116 Clean Water Wells in Asia.

We were certainly blown away!  Read the recap below by clicking the button.


Missions Coordinator

How long have you been at HermNaz? We started attending in November 2021 & became members in 2022
What areas of ministry have you been/are you involved in? I have been involved in Fall Fest at HermNaz, as well as women’s ministry at my previous church.
What do you do for a career? I am a teacher. I taught 7th and 8th graders at CBMS in Umatilla for 20 years and 4th grade at MHES for 8 years.