Hermiston Nazarene Church

Our Story

How it all started...

In 1946,

it started with a small gathering in a home
for weekly Sunday prayer meetings.

In 1950,

the families gathered in the upstairs local Union Hall meeting room -- singing hymns and learning from God's Word with the tavern noise downstairs.

In 1954,

we built a small brick church on Orchard Ave.

In 1987,

our current church building was built on county property down the road on Orchard Ave near Riverfront Park.

Where we are headed...

While we have a church building on a plot of land,
we recognize that many people throughout our community, country,
and world journey with HermNaz through Church Online.

We are striving to reach our neighbors through online means,
as well as welcoming as many as we can into our doors.

Filtering our lives through jesus

so we can

seek jesus,
share life,
serve others.

We love our church, and maybe you will, too.

Let's Connect.